Wise Words of Advice

            On my first day of college my mom gave me some great words of advice that are still helping me to this day. This words were “do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone”. These words really stuck with me and have gotten me to try things that I was not very familiar with. These included getting involved in student orgs, getting a job on campus, making new friends, and the list goes on and on.

I always encourage everybody I meet to do the same. Continue to push your comfort zone. Only at this point can you figure out who you are, who you do not want to be, and what you are truly interested in. DECA has helped me do all three of these things.

DECA has shown me that I am much more outgoing than I once thought. Joining DECA taught me that I had a drive and motivation to push myself to new horizons. On the flip side DECA has shown me that I do not want to party my college years away. It has shown me that I have a lot to learn and accomplish before I am ready to join the job force in the real world.

DECA has also shown me what I want to do with my career. Coming into college I was dead set on getting my degree with a Water Resources major. But through my VP of Information Technologies position at DECA I have found that my true passion lies in technology. I am now an I.T. and Supply Chain Management double major.

Again I encourage everybody to “not be afraid to step out of your comfort zones”. You never know what it’s going to teach you. You could find interests you never knew existed. You can meet some of the most amazing people in your life. And you can find out who you truly are. Thanks to these words of advice these experiences have made my college experience unforgettable, and I guarantee they will do the same for you!

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